OP-Vent Off-the-Shelf Pneumatic Assembly

Download Off-the-Shelf OP-Vent CAD models

Figure 1 Figure 1: Exploded view of pneumatic assembly using off-the-shelf parts.

Figure 2 Figure 2: Assembled pneumatic section using off-the-shelf parts.

The pneumatic section of the ventilator consists of three off-the-shelf components connected with standard pipe fittings. The components are a pressure regulator, a proportional solenoid valve, and a flow sensor. Figure 1 shows an exploded view of the assembly with the components laid out in their relative positions. Figure 2 shows the completed assembly. In both figures, air enters at the right and exits at the left. The table below lists the components in the direction of air flow (right to left). The pipe fittings in this assembly are brass. Stainless steel can also be used.

¼ MNPT x ¼ Hose Barb
¼ NPT Street Elbow
SMA AR-25 Pressure Regulator
¼ NPT Street Tee
¼ MNPT x 1/8 MNPT Nipple
SMA PVQ-31-G6-40 Proportional Solenoid Valve
1/8 MNPT x 3/8 FNPT Adapter
3/8 MNPT nipple
3/8 FNPT x 3/8 straight thread
Honeywell Flow Sensor HAFUHT0100L4AXT
3/8 straight thread x 3/8 FNPT
3/8 MNPT x ¼ MNPT
¼ NPT Tee
Pressure relief valve (set at 60cm H2O)
¼ NPT x ¾ Hose barb

The last 5 items in this table can be replaced by:

Custom adapter 3/8 straight-thread to 2x 22mm ISO 5356 with pressure relief
22mm ISO 5356 One-way valve

Download CAD file for custom adapter